Since 1993

Corrigan’s Fine Jewelers is a regional specialty retailer of fine jewelry offering a selection of merchandise in the following categories: diamonds, gold, precious and semi-precious jewelry and watches.  Corrigan’s Fine Jewelers was owned by a Houston family that started in 1922. Corrigan’s was bought out by Zale’s in the mid 50s.

Finlay Enterprises, America’s Finest Jewelers and it’s brands have conducted almost $100 billion in jewelry sales with some of the leading retail partners in the world since 1832. Finlay Enterprises Incorporated’s principal activities are the retailing of fine jewelry products and operating leased fine jewelry department stores throughout the United States and France.

Founded as Seligman & Latz, the company’s original focus was the operation of beauty salons, also under a lease arrangement with department and specialty stores. Jewelry sales were soon added to the company’s portfolio, and by 1942, the company opened its first leased Finlay Fine Jewelry department.

Finlay Enterprises acquired Corrigan's Fine Jewelers in 2007 as part of an industry roll-up.


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